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We believe that Art plays a key role in people’s lives. It touches the soul and unites people in a unique and emotional way.

The Art Signatures offers:
Studio Visits Private or group visits to the artists studios, where the core of the artist’s creativity and mission is brought to life. Organization of virtual studio visits with the artists for people with time or mobility limitations.
Travel Art The opportunity to bring artists and Art lovers together, creating a unique experience. We offer 2-5 day packages, different dates are available throughout the year or upon request Organized as individual/group visits or team building events. During the visits, participants get inspired by Art and cultural activities (olive oil/wine tastings at historic properties, unique food experiences, contemporary gallery/museum visits) and the discovery of the hidden beauties of Mallorca.
Exhibitions Organization of expositions in companies, facilitation and stimulation of an innovation image and out of the box thinking through the utilization of Art. Organization of private exhibitions and unique projects in unusual places. Participation in international Art fairs and Art Galleries.
The Art Signatures team is looking forward to meet you and provide you with a unique Art experience!

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Basel Art Center (Switzerland)

68 works by nine Mallorcan artists show the artistic value of the islands

















Why buy art?

At “The Art Signatures” we feel that at the core of the art mystery, there is an intangible spiritual allure. This means that owning original art enriches your life and ultimately contributes to your happiness.

On a personal level, art inspires us to look at the world in a variety of different ways and creates cultural awareness. Exploring, choosing and owning Art that appeals to you, is a way of personal expression and reflects your individual personality. As such, Art if a form of communication, in particular the communication of emotions – both of the artists and the owners.

Buying original artwork supports the artists and thereby the world of art and cultural expression directly, allowing the creative process to continue.

While Art’s unique, aesthetic and intangible qualities cannot be mapped primarily in monetary terms, all Art in the market is an asset and has a growing importance as an investment.

Art has a particular relevance in the workplace. While one will be hard-pressed to measure a specific Return-on-Investment, Art is important in the branding of a company’s image as well as for creating a pleasant and inspiring environment. As such, it boosts creativity, helps reduce stress and improves workplace culture. It further leaves a lasting impression on employees and clients alike; it creates pride in one’s environment. And pride motivates, which in turn is good for business.

Overall, Art humanizes spaces – be they homes, offices or public places. Art inspires thought and questions, it engages and provokes a dialogue. By appreciating and owning Art you are a crucial element of this dialogue.

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